Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Adventures in Miscommunications


On Saturday, during the Washington Heights Rummage Sales, I wanted to go visit my friend Brooke, who was having her own rummage sale. 

I texted her to see if we should come over as it was getting late and I wasn't sure if people would be closing up shop. 

Then after she said to come, Tad reported that he just saw she and her husband in their car.

So then I texted her on the assumption that they weren't home anymore.  (Which they were, Tad was mistaken)

The result makes me laugh.


Yesterday Tad was talking to our friend Barry about music.  They were talking about all kinds of stuff and really involved in their conversation.  At one point, Tad mentioned that he had taken $10 out of the ATM yesterday and I suggested that was a rather small amount to take out.
"Well, I wasn't going to buy you roses yesterday!" Tad said, teasing me.

I was feeling sensitive though, so I got a little annoyed with that comment.

Roses!! I thought Since when do I ever want ROSES!

Then their conversation went on, and later Lucy was looking for a stick and went off in search of one on her own. 
"That's the difference between Lucy and Coen." Tad said. "Lucy just shrugs and goes off to find what she needs. Coen would stand here and somehow enlists Alie to help him."

Inwardly I scowled. (well, probably outwardly too since I do everything inwardly also outwardly)

Who does he think he is! I thought. Suggesting that I get duped into helping!

And then the conversation took its turn to music and Black Sabbath in particular.

Barry asked me if I like Black Sabbath.
"Not really." I said.
"No." Tad confirmed "Definitely not Alie's style"
I started thinking, Well, jeez! I could be into Black Sabbath if I wanted!
"Not even the song Changes?" Barry asked.
"Ummm." I said, "Yeah, I like that one"  (I thought it was one that I knew--I always like the ballads!)
"No!" Tad said, "That song was never on the radio; you wouldn't have heard it."

Later that night when we got home, Tad came in to find me reading (pouting) in bed.
"Are you angry?" He asked.
"No." I said. 
And I explained that my feelings were hurt about the roses and the comment about me always getting talked into helping Coen.  He hugged me and apologized, saying he didn't mean at all to push me away, that he was just concentrating on the conversation and absently making jokes and thought I thought it was funny.

Then I looked at him, "And you didn't have to act like I'm not cool enough to like Black Sabbath!" I said.

And then we both laughed.

I totally don't like Black Sabbath.

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