Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Is 'you look like a mom' a compliment or an insult?

Today's blog is inspired by my friend and coworker who, when another coworker heard that she was a mom, said "Wow! You don't seem like a mom. You don't look like a mom. I'm really surprised to hear that you have kids."  She was wondering if that was a compliment or an insult.  I told her immediately, COMPLIMENT!  But she said she wasn't sure, after she thought about it awhile.  What did that MEAN exactly...I am trying to understand this.

I think it's probably a two-fold thing.  What moms look like and what moms act like...  So, I googled "mom face" and this was the first picture:

Okay. So she looks fine. She's a nice looking lady.  Do you think she 'looks like a mom'?  I kinda do.  I'll be honest. When I get a haircut, I usually say "Don't make me look like a mom."  They always know what I mean.  So, next, in this very interesting study, I googled "mom jeans". This picture was my favorite.

Then I googled "TV mom".  Lots of moms on TV made being a mom look cool.  My favorite TV mom? Claire Huxtable.  For sure.She looks like a mom. But she is so confident about it, that it doesn't matter.  See?


So I guess what I've come up with is that it depends.  If someone tells me I look like a mom, or I smell like a mom or something.  I don't so much like that.  Someone actually told me that once.  That I smelled like his mom.  Oh, it took me WEEKS to get over that.  But if someone makes a comment about me being a mom based on one of my actions: like remembering a snack for ALL of my coworkers so no one feels left out.  Or having tissue in my purse.  Or being the first to produce a band-aid when someone's been injured.  Well, okay, yeah, I'm a mom.  I'm good at that stuff.  I have to be!

I guess I, and maybe all moms...want to be appreciated for the things that we do and think and convey that make it obvious that we are moms.  But we still want to look super cute and youthful like we could be out at a night club.  When I googled simply 'mom', many pictures came up, but the one below is hands-down my favorite.  I'm a mom.  A worker.  A feminist.  A funny gal.  A blogger.  A lot of things.  I just want to look like me.  Just like Rosie here does.

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