Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I see London

So, I was taking a walk and I happened upon a pair of men's underwear, just a-lyin' in the grass!

And I says to myself, I says, I wonder how a pair of men's undies have just been discarded right here.  And then I walked a few more paces and found yet another pair of underwear, just a yard away!  Women's underwear!

And then I really wondered how such an occurrence could have come to be.  I thought it could be on of a few options:

1. Someone was moving and their box full of underwear opened and two pairs flew out and landed on the grass (like so)
(The grass seen above is on the property of an office moving company...hence the moving scenario, but then I thought that prolly offices don't move their staff underwear, most likely.)
2. Two people were having sex out in public for a cheap thrill and were forced to skedaddle so quickly that they were unable to replace above undergarments.
3. Someone thought it would be a funny deed to place two pairs of undies, men's and women's respectively out in the grass there where anyone could hap upon them and begin to dream up possible scenarios of their whereabouts and whyabouts. 

(When I was a kid I used to go out in the freshly fallen snow and run around in circles and hop on one foot and then fall down on purpose and then go back in, excitedly imagining that someone else would hap by and spend a great deal of time pondering why someone had been running around in circles, only travelling upon one foot, and then falling down... )

So those are my three ideas about whence and wherefore that underwear came to be...

Do you have any thoughts?  We, at Alie's Handbasket, would love to hear them!

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