Tuesday, February 4, 2014

You do the hokey pokey

My parents once told me how funny they think it is when the picnic tables at the park are all lined up in a standing row.
"It's so funny!" My mom laughed "Dad says it looks like they're doing the hokey pokey! It really does!"  She laughed some more.  She does that.
So I looked for the standing picnic tables next time I drove past the park and saw them.
I didn't think it looked like they were doing the hokey pokey at all. 
Uh oh, I thought, am I losing my sense of humor? Why do my parents see the humor in the picnic table line?  Where is this hokey pokey they see?

I was concerned.

In fact, in concerned me for two winters as I drove past the standing line of picnic tables and tried to see what they were seeing.  And then finally one day, I saw something. The picnic tables looked like they were doing a conga line.

I laughed right out loud.

And then I called my mom.

"Mom!" I said, "You know the winter picnic tables, doing the hokey pokey? Well, when you did the hokey pokey, did you stand in a circle?"
"No." My mom said. "We stood in a line"


"Oh!" I said, laughing, "No wonder I didn't get it.  We did the hokey pokey in a circle, so I never saw what you saw. But today it looked like a conga line to me and I started laughing."
My mom started laughing.  She laughed for a while.

I felt so much better. I hadn't lost my sense of humor at all. The hokey pokey, to me, looks like this:

But to my parents, the hokey pokey looks like this:
So you see, we all have our senses of humor quite in tact.  The picnic tables at the park ARE doing the hokey pokey. Or a conga line! However you like to see it. Here's me dancing with the picnic tables:

Everything is still hilarious, thank goodness.

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