Monday, April 14, 2014

Angry Drivers

I want to make some signs to hold up in my car, so people know what's going on with me when they get angry and honk their horns at me or glare as they drive past.

I really don't see why people have to get so mad.  98% of the time, it's not like I'm crashing into them. Sometimes I get a little dreamy and wait a half second too long to move at the green light.  Sometimes I stop at the occasional green light.

People get so mad!

They beep and honk and shout obscenities through their closed windows.  At least I assume they are shouting obscenities.  It looks hilarious though, like watching a really angry person on mute.  Really angry people on mute are funny.  I know because at our house we watch a lot of baseball games with music on instead of the announcers.  A lot of coaches go crazy at the umps and watching them on mute is highly entertaining!  You know what else is really funny on mute?  Symphonies.  Oh! And operas.  High quality entertainment, I tell you.

So I want to make these signs.  One that says:


Just simple. For when I wait too long when the red light turns green or am driving too slow. Anytime when there's an impatient honk or someone drives past glaring.  I can just hold up my sign.

The other one I want to make is one that says:


That's for the muted obscenity screamers and the flippers off.  I mean. There really IS no reason to be that angry!

But then again, you just never know. I mean, maybe they're having the worst day of their life.  Or are on the way to the hospital.  Or are going to get fired if they're late one more time.  Or maybe they're just unhappy in general and so minor traffic annoyances are just the straw that breaks the camel's back of their day. I think I'd be better off with this sign:

I think I'll use this one the most.

I'll let you know how they're received.