Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas Pneumonia: Day 15 of Christmas Break

Well, last I blogged, I was heading into break, guns of peace and presence a-blazin'.  And then the next day I was struck down with the flu which turned into Pneumonia.  Sigh.

So as I lay there in various states of repose, I composed a little song:

On the sixteen days of Christmas break Pneumonia gave to me....five antibiotics, four puffs on my inhaler, three cancelled lunch dates, two missed girls nights, a slept-through family gathering, and a fever of one hundred and THREE!!!!!

Ah but through the gloom of missing out on my much awaited break, there is a light shining through and that is my positive attitude. 

I'm trying anyway.

No, yesterday, actually I went for my first experience with acupuncture and as I sat there, trying not to be aware of the needles, I allowed myself some much-needed meditation time.  And what I did with that time was this: gave myself a major pep talk, ran over some highlights of the past few years, and thought about some concrete things I want to make of this one. 

And then I went out for some therapeutic shopping and dessert with my very dear friend Natalie and, I tell ya, even though it's back to work the day after tomorrow, I feel really good.

I am still working on my presence and my ability to be in the now.  And I am ready for 2015.

Happy New Year, y'all.

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  1. Beautiful thoughts! So happy you're heading into a new year with positive energy and some mind and body strategies for good health. I love you the whole, entire 'erf!