Tuesday, January 7, 2014

H Enormous.

Just before Christmas, after a big snow, we decided to take the kids sledding.  Once loaded into the minivan, and pulling out of the garage, we realized the snow drifts were so high we couldn't get down the alleyway.  So we decided to walk.   But it was blowy and freezy and suddenly we'd been walking for an hour and weren't even halfway there!  So I decided to run back home and get the van in hopes that the alley had been cleared. 
It had not.
But my neighbor was snow blowing his portion of it and I started shoveling my portion of it. He came to help me and once we had it clear, I texted Tad.  I tried to text him.  Snowblowed! I'm coming.
The auto correct changed it to:
H Enormous!  I'm coming!
Tad texted back:
H Enormous.
The next day when I was trying to text him "Checking out!" while I was at Sentry and he was waiting outside with the kids in the parking lot, he texted back "H Enormous!"
I love auto correct.
Today, I was texting him while exercising and an oft texted phrase I use is "hee hee hee".  LOL is just not something I'm willing to type.  I never type acronyms unless they're made up by me like IJLYK (I'm just letting you know) or WJF! (Whatever, jerkface!)  So "hee hee hee" is my LOL.  Anyway, Hee hee, often autocorrects to Hee her which calls to mind the braying of a donkey and always makes me laugh.  Here's today's autocorrect issues I had with Tad.

Have a great blowy and freezy Tuesday!

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