Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I have not blogged in a while, I noticed.

It is really freaking cold outside and I do not like the cold.  It means that at night I'm bundled up and can't move my arms away from my sides to do anything creative really.

When I get into a car I have to scream, until I'm warmer.  Some people do not enjoy that so much.  My children are not really big fans.  Of the cold scream.

I don't like the feeling of instantly freezing mucous membranes upon leaving the house.  Or how the floor under my sock clad feet feels like it actually has a layer of ice on it. Or how, when I open the shower door in the morning, I feel like I need a hat and mittens before I get in.

I wonder often, in January, why do I still live in Wisconsin?  But I know why.  Because in March or April or May (probably several times of all three months) it will get beautiful outside and people will seem hysterically happy.  I like that. I like it a lot.  It's enough to stay here.  You can't have an up without a down.

But I will say, that on Monday, I stayed home and we had twelve hours of original Nintendo, homemade lentil soup, homemade chocolate cake, my favorite combination snack: bacon, pears and cheese, and several different crafty type projects to do and friends over.  And a space heater on all day.  That was a pretty nice way to spend a freakishly wintery winter day.

And I shouldn't complain. It's up to 17 degrees right now!  It's practically a heat wave. 

Stay warm out there, readers!

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