Thursday, May 15, 2014

TBT Post #3

It's a funny thing, retrospect.

In May of 2000 I was getting ready to leave for the Peace Corps. Excited for all the new adventures ahead of me but so pained to be leaving my friends and the life I knew.

I remember riding a bus from Latvia to Estonia on my twenty-fifth birthday and looking around at the people riding with me, hoping I would connect with someone, anyone during my time there.

And here I am, fourteen years later and right now I would like nothing more than just one of those dear, dear people to come over and chat with me tonight.  That there are people that I was just meeting, really, on that bus ride that would become my closest friends. 

Christina in Tulsa
Steff and Hannah in San Francisco
Ryan in Baltimore
Sinki in Australia
Brenda in South America
Rebecca in Madison

and Harald..wherever he is.

Estonian Flag

PC Estonia 2000

touring Tartu

Brenda and me heading to her host family's house

Swearing In ceremony

Summer Solstice, Kuressaare
 Next weekend Rebecca, Ryan, Steff and Hannah are coming to spend some time here! I am beside myself with anticipation. 

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