Saturday, July 7, 2012

Growing up is not so tough, 'cept when you've had enough, Caillou is super bald, Caillou

 Caillou was a favorite show of Coen's when he was a smaller person. I remember sitting on the couch with him in our apartment on Astor street and watching it with together.  Tad loves to sing the Caillou song with different lyrics, always adding in, "Caillou is super bald!"  It's really inexplicable, his baldness.  I mean, do his parents shave his head on a regular basis?  Does he have Alopecia?  This is never explained to Caillou's fan base. 

Nowadays, Lucy's a fan.  She chooses it as her show on TV mornings.  Coen? Not so much. 

We watched an episode this morning and here's Coen expressing his opinion on the matter.

If you have seen this show and know the song, you can sing it with your own lyrics. It's really fun. 
We were watching this morning and in one scene, Caillou opened his mouth really wide in the bathroom mirror. It was really trippy.  I tried to find the scene on YouTube but to no avail.  There were however a couple homemade Caillou scenes involving poop.  I didn't watch.  Perhaps I should. 

Well, whether or not you and yours are Caillou fans, have a lovely Saturday. 

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