Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Isn't once enough?

So last night was was the 3rd of July--as you know--my favorite day of the year. 

We went down to the lakefront around 3:30, got rock star parking, and set up the shade tent that Tad went to buy to block us from the 98 degree sun.  We ate, talked, played UNO, bought glow things, laughed, and hung around until the start of the fireworks display.  Which was long and lovely.

I got to be with some of my most favorite people for six straight hours in one spot, outside in the summer heat, and wait for a great show of light and sound. 

But here it is, the actual 4th, and I'm feeling a little down.  My kids, who were in bed at nearly midnight last night, are fast asleep in their beds.  Tad is with friends possibly braving the heat to see 311 at Summerfest.   And I, I am sitting in the dark, blown by fans, with my computer on my lap. 

And I know, I should be happy that I get to do this fun and exciting event each year, and that Tad-not always a fan of crowds and heat-is willing to do it.  But I want MORE! I want to go to the fireworks again tonight. 

Having said that.  My children have been asleep since 8.  I have an ice water in front of my and my pick of the Netflix choices.  Or I could just watch fireworks on YouTube.

It's hard for a person such as me to be satisfied.  Sometimes.

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