Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nine days until the family vacation

Hello Readers.
 I thought I better blog this morning because I have a feeling there won't be much blogging for the next few weeks.  Tomorrow I have the day off and will spend it with my sister and her children.  Saturday is our neighborhood block party.  Sunday two of my Peace Corps friends are coming over and we're going to the Brewer Game.  Next week, all week is Youth Leadership Summit number two.  And then, on Saturday, July 29th, we are going on our family ROAD TRIP!!

is a rough sketch of our route.

I am beside myself with excitement. 
We will be going from our little home in Milwaukee to Cincinnati Ohio where we will stay in a hotel and go to see the Brewers play the Reds.  Next stop will be Twin Falls State Park in West Virginia. We'll stay in a cabin, and go swimming and hiking and play in the park.  Then we're on to Floyd, Virginia to go to Floyd Fest!  On our way back, we'll go through Ohio again and stay in the Fort Rapids Water park hotel where the kids get to sleep in a bunk bed!  From there we'll either drive straight through to home or stop one night. 

We don't do TV in the car so our kids will be coloring, crafting, talking, looking out the window, listening to music and stories on disc.  Good luck, us!

I hope you shan't miss me too much and I hope to have lots of funny and interesting things to tell you when we're back.

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