Monday, July 2, 2012

Good vibrations

It has been a whirlwind of a time.  And whirlwinds is how all my times would be had I the choice.

After my Youth Leadership Summit-55 hour work week-and my sister's birthday celebration on Friday, I got to have not one, but TWO date nights with Tad.

Saturday we went to the Brewer game with tickets from parents of one of Tad's student as an end-of-year gift.  We got BBQ sandwiches and pickles and watched the first two innings from our seats, my broken toe propped up on the cup holder in front of me.  When we went into the parking lot, we saw Tad's usual Brewer game partners, Matt and Randy, tailgating.  Matt got up immediately and gave me his chair.  "Hey!" He said, "Sit down! Get that broken toe off its foot!"

We even got to go into the exclusive NYCE club and have an enormously lovely ice cream sundae.  We enjoyed the exclusiveness and made monocle jokes and then were back in our seats for the 10-1 finish--the exciting Brewer win.

Sunday the kiddos stayed overnight at my parents house.  Tad and I went to Summerfest to see the Beach boys.   We had our usual double or something bet and Tad won.  We got fried eggplant, corn on the cob and chicken satay. Tad had a huge slushie (heavy on the syrup) and I had a chocolate malt for dessert.

 My toe wasn't even too sore at the end of the night from all the walking. 

The concert.  The concert was amazing. The Beach Boys were funny, brilliant, harmonious and beautiful.  When they launched into "Surfer Girl" I inexplicably began to cry. And Tad saw and just nodded.  I was crying for a million different reasons, but I knew that Tad just entirely understood.  That makes me a very lucky person indeed.

Tomorrow is July the 3rd. My very most favorite day of the year.  I will go to the lakefront with my family and some friends and see the fireworks.   I will sit in the heat, surrounded by a large portion of the population of Milwaukee and many of the people I love most.

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