Thursday, May 31, 2012

Double or something

Tad and I are not gamblers by nature.  I once went to Vegas with my sister;  we took one walk up the strip, looked at each other and said, "Let's go see a movie."

Nevertheless, we love betting each other on random things.  When we were dating, we'd bet dinner or even cash.  But now that our lives and bank accounts are joint, we bet other things.  Like ten minute back rubs.

My favorite standing bet of ours takes place at Summerfest once a year.  We like to go one of the nights without our children and see the band most interesting to us.  This summer it'll be the Beach Boys.  Anyway, we walk the first length of the Summerfest grounds and place a wager of a ten or fifteen minute back rub on who runs into someone they know first.  If the first person we run into is someone who I know or have known first, I get a back rub.  And vice versa.  If Tad wins, I always move for double or nothing for our second lap.  Last year, I lost, both laps.  And Tad won a half hour back rub.

So this morning, I brought the grocery store flyer to the table and busied myself making our shopping list.  I turned to the bakery page, saw a little notice and said, "Hey! Tomorrow is national doughnut day!"
Coen ran over to look. "What are we going to do to celebrate?"
I laughed.
After Coen walked away, Tad said, "Actually, I was going to take them to get a doughnut before school this morning, but maybe I'll do it tomorrow."
"You should!"
Tad paused. "Well...maybe I should do it today instead. It'll probably be really busy on international doughnut day."
I laughed. "National doughnut day and I sincerely doubt that there will be so many people celebrating national doughnut day, that it'll be crowded."
"Huh!" Tad said, "People are suckers. And if we were that easily roped into celebrating national doughnut day, then I think many other people will be too."
"Who's even going to know that it's national doughnut day?!" I demanded. "You'd have to bank on people actually paging through this flyer looking for deals on or before tomorrow.  That's probably not a lot of people."
"You know, there's also Google!"  Tad said.  "I think I'll take them to the grocery store instead of Cranky Al's.  It will probably be swamped there!"
"You are ridiculous! No one is going to celebrate national doughnut day, by Googling, grocery store flyers or otherwise!"
"Okay." Tad said.  "I bet you that tomorrow, the two "O"s of Google will be doughnuts."
"No way!"
"I bet you." Tad said.
"What's our wager?"
"The winner gets to choose the last two people to invite to our Brewer game next Friday."
(Tad won tickets to Friday's Brewer game and has invited all his friends.  It has been a point of contention because I wanted to invite more of my friends.  There are two spots left and we've been battling over who gets to choose the people to fill them.  This was a very exciting bet for me.)
"You are ON!"
We shook.  I shook vigorously.
"Uh oh." Tad said.

Check Google tomorrow, readers, and you'll find out who won!

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