Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Energy fields.

I got up at 5:30 this morning to go for a walk with a friend.

Now not too long ago, she was just a neighbor.  Just someone I saw walking around the block with her dog on a leash and her little girl in a front carrier...and I thought that she looked cool.  I wanted to be friends with her. 

But it was before we ever even exchanged a word.  It wasn't just because she looked cool...was it?  I mean, I've seen plenty of people who look cool and have no interest in being friends with them...  I've been around people who are completely aesthetically pleasing to me in the way they dress, wear their hair, concert t-shirts proudly proclaiming bands that I too like.  But there's no connection there, no kindred spirit.  But that's the thing, isn't it.  It's about connection.  And every person walking around, however they look or dress or present themselves...they have an energy about them. We all have this energy field around us and some energy fields are compatible with others and some are not.

And it's interesting to me...I mean, we caution teenagers and have to get to know someone over time before you know if they're truly a friend or someone you want to date.. but sometimes.. you just know.  Don't you?  When I met Tad for the first time...I didn't want to date him but I knew, I knew that he was a kindred spirit after just a 1/2 hour of talking.  In fact, every time I'd ever met someone new, I always sort of imagined myself inside my own head, on a ladder, looking out through a telescope.  Keeping a safe distance.  And then.  With Tad, it was like I got off the ladder, and came down to see him through my own two eyes.  It's like that with some people.  You can come down off the ladder and just look at them, eye to eye.

I just find it fascinating.  I see it play out with my kids too; I mean, there are kids on the playground whose parents I like and I want them to be friends with my kids...  But my kids choose their own friends based on their own energy field connections and when I watch them play together, it's like I can see it!  I can see their energies sort of dancing together and I think, yeah, that makes sense..they are connecting...  

I just think it's really cool.  And it's a good reminder that we are way beyond our hair and skin--our molecules and atoms.  We're way beyond the clothes we choose and our hair color and tattoos.  We're just force fields of energy walking around inside of bodies.  And finding each other in the places where we match.

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