Monday, October 7, 2013

Going to a party and staying for all of it

I know I've written a lot of introvert/extrovert in love posts....  So you probably know that when it comes to parties, Tad and I experience them our excitement levels to go them, in our desire to stay or leave and at what time...and our next-day feelings about it.

We went to a party on Saturday night. 

When I first received the invite to this party, I presented it to Tad.

"I really want to go to this party." I said. "And I want all of us to go, but more than anything I want to go the WHOLE thing. I don't want to be the first people to leave. I don't even want to be the second people to leave.  So we could all go, or I could just go with the kids.  It's up to you. But I want to go to the whole thing."

We all went.

And Tad made it clear that he was going to the party with me and that he understood I would most likely not want to leave. Ever.  Or until everyone was gone and we were being ushered towards the door. 

I had a lovely time and laughed and talked and ate chili and chocolate cake and squash and quinoa salad...  My kids all but disappeared with their friends. 

And about the time of night when I'm usually beginning to hide on Tad so he can't make eye contact with me and tell me its time to go, I found him on the porch happily engaged in conversation.

And we weren't the first to leave. Or even the second. In fact, we were among the last, all leaving together out into the cricket chirping, post-rain, almost ten o' clock, autumn night.

When the kids were buckled in and Tad shut his door, I reached over and grabbed his face and kissed him.  And said, "Thank you."

Going to a party and staying for all of it makes me very, very happy.

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