Wednesday, October 16, 2013

It's probably for the best

I just returned from a tremendously wonderful trip to San Francisco during which I ate at an open air food vendor park, a farmers market and a really good Italian restaurant, and saw four of my Peace Corps friends, and laughed so hard my stomach hurt and rode a bike across the Golden Gate Bridge.

My friend Rebecca, who travelled with me, had her apartment broken into this month and they took everything she had of value which wasn't all that much and it was very sad for her.  But she had a sense of humor about it and told us that her mom said, of the situation, "It's probably for the best."

No to be fair to her mom, my friend had said that first because she figured at least without her computer she'd watch less TV at night and her mom must have heard second-hand that she'd said that, but still!

So over the weekend we were all together, "It's probably for the best" became a catch phrase for everything.
Crap! I spilled my coffee everywhere!
It's probably for the best.

Oh, man, they're all out of squash.
It's probably for the best.

We saw a guy fall off his bike onto the trolley tracks!
It's probably for the best.

And we laughed about that all weekend.  As a group, we are so interested in silliness and amusement and just poking fun at everything so that on Ryan's birthday, he said, "For my birthday I just want to tell you guys something without being interrupted, made fun of or mocked!" 
"Good f#cking luck!" said Rebecca and we all doubled over laughing.
No. But we gave him five minutes actually.  And we mocked the person in the story he was telling, by not Ryan.  I think we did a good job.

As always, it was wonderful to laugh so hard and talk so much and be together.  It was hard to have to say goodbye again for another year or so.
It's probably for the best.


  1. That was awesme! I thought it was going to be some serious heart felt story and it just lightened up my day. Thanks!!!! Love the trolly tracks being for the best..... The world is lucky to have you in it~! Michele K

  2. HAHAHA...I sincerely need to make this my mantra