Friday, October 25, 2013


Sometimes I think about how we're all just walking around with these universes inside us, just rotating around and floating there, free for the jumping in...and I'm blown away.

I just had a walk with a friend (to say friend sounds so simple, she's human being who I feel connected with completely...)  And we were talking about just the search for someone else who has a universe that they want to share.

Some people are so alive and I am just looking for those people to have in my life to connect to and be kindred and alive with.....

It's like we recognize each other, people who are alive or awake or open in the same way as we are.  We walk around in the world full of millions and millions and then there's a burst of technicolor, an exchanged smile in which you are saying, with your eyes: Hello. I know you. I recognize you. I see your universe and it is beautiful.

What a wonderful thing that is.

At work we have two women visiting from Argentina.  And yesterday I had lunch with them and just for the few hours we were together, the first time we've ever spoken...I felt so at home with them.  Because they wanted to jump in with me and be alive and talk about life and how lovely and difficult and strange it is...  We recognized each other.  Just think.  That was just a chance meeting... how many other people are there across the world that I could connect with the same way.  Wow.

I walk around all the time, just looking people right in the eye and smiling... And for all the people who think I'm just weird or odd or crazy....  for the few that look back at me and we recognize each other...we really SEE each other.... that's completely worth it.

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