Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Here we go.

Oh boy.  Here it comes.

'Tis the season for spending ten thousand more hours in the morning getting ready to get out of the house.

Lucy came bounding downstairs this morning requesting her snow pants.


She declared then, after her shoes were put in her backpack and her snow things laid out (for an effing eighth inch of snow, I might add) that she didn't like the color.

"Those snow pants are too gray!"
"Ohh" Tad said, thinking fast, "But they'll change color in the snow and get more black!"
She hmphed in disagreement.
Lucy put her boots on first, taking an extraordinary amount of time getting them on and Tad requesting that I cut the laces shorter and then coaching me, whilst I did it, about how short they should be.


After Lucy struggled into her boots, she announced loudly, "OH! I have to put my snow pants on first!" And proceeded to struggle them back off.  Then she stared angrily at her too gray snow pants. I tried my best to ignore her.  After she had them halfway on, she remembered something I was hoping she would not remember.

"Mommy! Where's that snow suit I got?"

She got a full body snowsuit from a friend of hers but honestly, an EIGHTH inch of snow! Why do we have to start this charade with only an eighth inch?

She went and got that and spend another long time struggling into it.  Meanwhile I grumbled in the kitchen about my future few months and Coen walked past me and said, "I don't think it's necessary to wear snow pants yet. Does that make you happy Mommy?"

I looked at him and smiled and he went on, "I'm not doing it to make you happy but it's nice if it does."

Finally she got the suit on but then flopped all over the ground in frustration about the straps that went under her feet....the straps that when they went under her feet, it made it impossible to get her boots on.  "It's all SCRUNCHED!!!" She wailed.

Finally we figured out that the straps go on the outside under her boots and out she marched, happy as a winter clam. 

I, on the other hand, sat in my car, seething at the cold and the fanfare that goes along with snow and stupid winter.

Tad got out of his car and came to mine and I thought, yay! he's going to say something warm and encouraging...

"Where's Lucy's breakfast?" He asked, sounding annoyed.


I pointed him to it...well actually Lucy did, loudly "It's right HERE!!"  I don't know why she hadn't done that when he was looking for it, but who wants to make sense?  That would be boring.

Anyway, it's here.  And I shall have to take a deep breath and go with it, I suppose.


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