Monday, November 18, 2013

This morning might have been some kind of record...

6:47 a.m.  I awake with a start to realize that it is 47 minutes after we usually wake up and we have over slept.  I wake Tad up (mostly by gasping loudly) and tell him to get in the shower and I'll get the kids up.

6:50 a.m. I have made coffee and am upstairs rousing two extremely sleeping children.  After they wake, I announce that if they can get up and dressed real fast that they can have a Pop Tart for breakfast (don't judge me.)

7:00 a.m. I am downstairs with two fully dressed children. Coen is immediately at the piano playing the Dr. Who theme song as I toss his shoes toward him.  Lucy is putting her shoes on sitting on the playroom floor. asking if they are on the right foot, reminding me of our Pop Tart options. (again, no judging)

7:10 a.m.  I am getting dressed in my room while Tad gets the kids' lunches and hats and mittens together before they leave. Coen and Lucy come into my room, coats on and Coen says something like "Wow mom, you're still not dressed?!" 
"Pshaaw!" I say to him.

7:18 a.m. I am packed up, coffee in hand, and on my way out the door, waving good bye to my family who is already pulling away in the minivan.

7:47 a.m.  Exactly one hour after waking up, I am walking into my sex ed classroom (WITH DOUGHNUTS, as promised --well deserved after last week's putting condoms on fake penises lesson) ON TIME for my class.  The only evidence of my morning is that my hair is still damp.

I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with myself.

Happy Monday.

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