Friday, November 22, 2013

Sometimes there are questions that lead you to many different answers.

I was taking a walk the other day and noticed, as I lapped the geese hanging out in the park for the third time, that some of them had thick necks and some of them had thin necks.  And then I wondered why that was.  I mean, that's strange.  Isn't it? Or maybe it isn't. 

So back at my computer, I Googled "Goose necks" 
And Google said, "Did you mean Goosenecks?"
Which I thought was weird. 
So in the search area, I typed, "No I did not mean goosenecks"
Then the first thing in the list was a review for a trailer hitch called a Gooseneck trailer hitch. And apparently there is just no other trailer hitch that's better.  So, if you're looking for a hitch for your trailer, Gooseneck Hitch by B & W Trailer Hitches is a good one.

But anyway, that was way in the wrong direction so I went back one page and saw that apparently there's a state park in Utah called Goosenecks State Park. Because it's all long like a goose neck. But also it looks windy (not windy like the wind is blowing but it's winding around a lot.  maybe windy isn't really a word the way I mean it.  Windish?  Windingy?  Anyway.)  It's pretty.  See?

But, pretty though it is, that did not answer my question at all.  So I Googled "thick v thin goose necks"
So Google asked me "did you mean thick or thin goose necks?"
I thought Google was being a little too concerned about semantics.
The first search under that was for a goose neck repair kit, and I wondered if it was a kit for a real broken goose neck.  But I imagine if a goose breaks his neck he's well...doomed.  gone like a goose.  (Or is it loose as a goose...) Dead meat.  (sorry, geese, that was a little unfeeling of me.)  But if you click on it, you see it is a PDF file and I couldn't really tell what exactly the kit was repairing.  There were nuts, bolts and washers and serial numbers.  I paged back.  The third in the search was titled "Confusing Domestic Geese."
I liked the sound of that.
It called to mind a bunch of geese in someone's yard playing keep-away with a kid who couldn't figure out which goose had his hat. 
But it was a long boring article about all the different kind of geese there are. I stopped reading after the first few sentences but there were a lot of pictures. I imagined different things for these pictures. See?

Heh heh heh.  She'll never figure out where I put that frog.

Hey! Hey! Honk!  Come back here, Margaret!  You bring that back!

Now listen Jim, we're getting mighty tired of this. You said it would five minutes FIVE minutes ago.

Anyway, finally I went to my tried and true form of Googling which is to Google the entire question that I want to ask.  I Googled "Why are some goose necks thick and some thin?"
And right away, on Yahoo Answers, someone had asked almost that exact question.  And Michelle, apparently, had the best answer.   So in case you're wondering, according to Michelle there are just different breeds of geese. Simple as that!  You can even go to and look them all up. 

I'll tell ya. I'll rest a lot easier tonight knowing the answer to THAT question.

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