Friday, November 15, 2013


Yesterday I got up, took the kids to school, went to run a girls support group, got a bunch of kids to do holiday themed paintings for a holiday card opportunity through work, went to teach a sex ed class to a group of adults with developmental disabilities, went grocery shopping, came home, dropped my car off for an oil change, replied to emails and calls for work, picked up my car, dropped the holiday paintings off at work, did some data entry for the groups and classes I'd done earlier, drove to my kids school and crammed in a 20 minute walk, and went to pick them up, breathing a sigh of relief that for the first time that week, I could just bring them home and spend TIME with them.

The rest of the week had  of similar days, taking the kids to the dentist, dealing with new insurance issues and waiting on hold only to be told that my husband is the only person who can access this information, never mind the fact that he teaches children all day and isn't available during customer service hours of any kind to do ANY THING!!!!  I had to work one night, went out one night, had a migraine one night......

And the week prior was full of a death of a friend, volunteering at school 2 days, working one night and a whole week full of daytime hours of work, not to mention a weekend that consisted of three birthday parties.

So when I showed up at school, and was reminded that I had an executive committee of the board of directors meeting, it was all I could do to not slump in childlike disappointment.

The meeting was fine but it became clear to me that as board secretary, I would have a lot more responsibilities than I realized.

Suddenly I found myself fighting back tears.  I tried with all my might to get out of the school building before they fell, but alas, I had to get my kids and find Tad and ran into the former board secretary and my friend on the way out and out they spilled.  She was wonderful about it but I thought, what kind of board of directors secretary am I if I can't even keep it together for the first meeting at which my duties are called upon?  

Obviously the answer to that is "a fine board secretary who just happens to be overwhelmed."

I'll be fine.  But man, dashing from a building in tears is not among the things a person wants to be doing in a person's adult, professional life.

Here's to a better week next week.

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