Friday, November 23, 2012

Holler House

You might recall my conversation between me and the lady at Holler House about our Bowling Party..

We cashed in on that party on Wednesday as a day before Thanksgiving celebration.  We got to Holler House on 20th and Lincoln around 5:00.  We entered to find a woman on crutches, two old timers with tumblers of booze, and an ancient woman bartender. 
"You got a party, Marc ?" one of the guys said. 
"A party?!" She said incredulously before looking up and seeing me and Lucy. 
"Hello." I said. "I was the one who called about a bowling party for eight?"  I handed her my gift certificate. 
"Oh we're not equipped for kids to bowl here!" She said and started reading the certificate.
Tad took over and talked to her about his memories of having been there once before and she seemed to warm to us. 
"We ordered Ned's Pizza." Tad said.
"You ordered WHAT?"
"Yeah, we ordered pizza for delivery here from Ned's." I added.
"Oh sure! You can order Ned's. They'd deliver right here." She said, helpfully.
"We did." I said.
Our friends joined us then and we set the kids up with dinner.  And Tad loaded five dollars on to the jukebox.  After dinner, we all made our way to the basement to bowl on the two lane basement alley while the pin setter took a seat at the end and waited for us to start.

The kiddos eating their pizza dinner by the "juicebox"

Scary how at home my daughter looks at the bar
Then we bowled.  The kids bowled on one lane and us on the other.  We got our shoes from a disorganized pile under the stairs that smelled of stinky feet and cat urine.  The four children went crazy, dancing to the music, screaming in reaction to anything from a gutter ball, to one pin falling, to a strike. 

Marcy was pretty ready for us to leave halfway in, however. When Tad went up for more water, she said, "How many more games are you going to bowl?!"
"We're on our first one still!" Tad laughed. "But we'll go after this one is over."
"Well don't forget to tip the pin boy." She said.

She proceeded to remind each adult in our party at least once to tip the pin boy.  We did have a great time.

And we remembered to tip the pin boy.

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