Wednesday, November 14, 2012

More fantasy-related blogging.

The other night, Tad and I went out on a date.  As a partnered person with children, I put a LOT of stock in these date nights.  I put all my eggs in the date night basket, I'm not ashamed to say.  Because how often do you get to have a night alone with the person you love so much you created children with, without said children saying things like:
Excuse me. Mommy? Excuse me? Mommy? MOMMY?? EXCUSE me!
What? Who are you talking about?  Who did (insert inappropriate thing here which you should not be talking about in front of children.)
Mommy? Mommy? Mommy? Mommy? Mommy? .... until you finally stop remembering what it was you were saying to the other person because even though, there was a day when you stared into your sweet baby's eyes and thought I can't WAIT until he calls me mommy.  Now you think, PLEASE stop saying that!!!!!

Anyway, so yeah, a lot of stock in date night.

And the other night, we had a date night and Tad was being kind of moody.  And he seemed a bit cool to me and I got PISSED.  I just wanted a little attention and a a little affection.  So naturally, I acted like a petulant child.  That does it, right?  So Tad assumed I wanted him no where near me so we were staying away from each other.  Then I tried to explain, but then got mad at him all over again about something he said. 

While we were standing around, he checked his Fantasy Football stats on his phone.  I started to seethe.. But then I thought of something.  Changed my mind.  And I took out my phone, and sent him a text message.  My text is in blue-his response in white:

And everything was all better after that.

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