Monday, November 5, 2012

November 6, 2012

Taken during the 2008 campaign

Tomorrow my little girl turns five.  Tomorrow we also vote in the 2012 presidential election. 

This is how we'll celebrate:

Lucy and Coen will dress in Lucy's room in front of Lucy's space heater. We'll all go downstairs to our table where Lucy will find a gift, wrapped and placed at her spot. 

We promised breakfast on the go as the four of us will head to our polling place and Tad and I will vote.  I'll drop the three of them off at Highland and go to work.

At lunchtime, I'll go back over to school and we'll do Lucy's classroom birthday celebration.  In Ms. Pat's class, the children get to have their parents come in and share photos and stories of them when they were babies. They then get to walk around the table with the sun on it, holding the earth in their hands, singing "The Earth goes around the sun, tra la la, the Earth goes around the sun. The Earth goes around the sun, tra la la and Lucy is five."  And then they get to bring in a CD of music to have a dance party.  Lucy's choice: Dreams by the Everly Brothers. It is going to be hilarious watching the children try to dance to that! 

After school, I'll pick everyone back up and we'll go to the Build-a-bear workshop (much to mine and Tad's chagrin) because that is what Lucy wanted most for her birthday.  She's going to make a Hello Kitty that she gets to choose the clothes for herself!  She is so excited.

Just like all the Independents and the Socialists and the Libertarians and the Democrats and the Republicans..... we will look at election results when the children are safely tucked away in bed, kissed and read to.  And we'll be hoping upon hope that our candidate will win.

And whether he does and whether he doesn't....We will still wake up and the sun will rise and we'll still be in the America where we are raising our kids.  And I hope when our kids grow up, they have a better system in which to raise theirs.

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