Thursday, November 15, 2012

What was that now?

Conversation between me and the woman who answered the phone at Holler House Bowling Alley (The oldest bowling alley in the country!)

Me: Hi. I won a bowling party for eight at Holler House and I'm calling to see if I can reserve it.

Her: What was that  now?

Me: I won a bowling party for eight at Holler House and I was calling to see if I could reserve it.

Her: Eight what?

Me: Eight people.  For a bowling party?

Her: A bowling who?

Me: I wanted to see if we could come and bowl there. I have a gift certificate.

Her: And when did you get that?

Me: When did I get it? I got it at a Greendale Historical Society fundraiser this summer.

Her: And when was that?

Me: Oh! It was in August.

Her: August! Oh no, you can't come bowling in August. It's WAY too hot down there in the basement in August.

Me: No. I won it in August. 

Her: Nope.  No bowling in August or July. Too hot down there.

Me: No, no, I want to bowl next week

Her: Next week?  Oh! Well let me see what we have open. Next week's Thanksgiving you know.

Me: Yes. I was hoping to bowl on that Wednesday actually.

Her: Well, that Wednesday is the day before Thanksgiving you know.

Me: I know...would that be okay? Are you open?

Her: OPEN! (Starts laughing.)

Me: (Silent)

Her: Okay honey, next week Wednesday. I'll see if we have a lane open.  What time?

Me: Would 4:30 be okay?

Her: Let me have your phone number and then if you CAN'T come, I'll call you. If you don't hear from me, you can come.

Me: Okay (giving her my phone number).  So if you don't call, we'll be there.

Her: Now, it's $4.00 a game and shoes are extra.

Me: Okay. But we have a gift certificate for a bowling how does that work?

Her: How does what work?
Me: The gift certificate. What does it cover?  For the bowling party.

Her: A bowling party!  Well, we'll just have to talk about that when you get here.

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  1. I think you may want to consider giving up bowling. And where is this subterranean bowling parlor? It sounds ominous. Hello? Are you still their? Maybe take up quoits on the roof. Are roofs open in August? I could bring my gardening mittens and we could all plant roofabaga. My, my... amusement abounds. Love and kussies and hugs, yours devotedly in bowling and other sports that use cannon balls. -- JK, Parent...