Friday, November 2, 2012

Serenity later

Picture this scene, drawn by Lucy.

Picture birds singing and that song playing that always plays in cartoons when everything is peaceful and happy.... 

Then picture an evil knight swooping in to attack this nice girl!

That's what happened next, depcited in chalk by Coen.  Lucy was understandably upset.  I mean, who would want to be attacked by an evil knight in any situation, drawing or otherwise.
So then Coen drew a ninja next to Lucy to protect her.  The ninja was her friend Zef.  In a ninja suit.  Because he likes ninjas. 

This happened after we were upstairs getting dressed and Lucy began the day by refusing to wear the T-shirt to advertise Coen's school circus that is happening tonight. His feelings were hurt. She wouldn't budge. At first.  But then it came out that she felt the shirt was too long so we conducted some T-shirt surgery, cut it shorter, and off to school she went.

On the stairs, on the way up to Lucy's classroom, Coen kept getting in her face, making loud, odd noises.  "Is this bothering you?" I asked Lucy. It was certainly bothering me.

"Yes." she said matter-of-factly.

"Coen. That's bothering her. Please stop." I said.

"I didn't hear her say it's bothering her." came his reply.

Honestly, what is it about siblings? Why do they insist upon torturing one another?  And I know, because I'm a sibling too, and I remember very well playing the "who touched who last" game with my sister.  I remember deriving satisfaction from telling her, in the morning, that I snuck in her room while she was sleeping and " touched her last." And the wail that marked her upset and my success.  Awesomeness. What is that?

Perhaps it's the understanding that you actually have power over someone.  Perhaps it's a safe way to learn what happens with the give and take of relationship dynamics and antagonism.  Perhaps it's just fun. 

But at any rate, power or fun, it is the way siblings relate in their youth.  I know someday Lucy will call Coen on the phone.  "God. Mom is so annoying." She'll say. 

That's fine with me. I'll be at the movies. Eating popcorn. Enjoying my serenity.

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