Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lovely and insane

 Yesterday was a sort of self-created comedy of errors.  I forgot my hearing aid in the morning.  I also nearly fell down like eight times on the way to my car.  I guess I should salt our walk.

At work, my cube mate Tiffany called to me.  "Alie.  Do you smell Ben-Gay?"
My response? "Sure! N-E-G-A-T-E."
Tiffany laughed and I had to get up and walk over to her to hear what she'd actually said.

We had a two-hour meeting about our data entry system and subsequent paperwork.  Sounds like a tremendously boring affair, but I was actually really interested.  I don't know if it's that I just really like the people I work with, or I really needed to know the information being presented, or I was enjoying using a combination of sign language and facial expressions to communicate with Kathy, my coworker whose job is similar to mine in structure and the sometimes unique ways in which we decide to do our paperwork and data.  Or maybe it was all three of those things.  And then at some point, I had  a hand frenzy.  And in my hand frenzy, my pen somehow flew up in the air and landed on my head.  It stayed there for a second and then fell off on to the table. And then I couldn't stop giggling. There is nothing funnier to me than uncontrollable laughter in a business meeting.

After the meeting, and the rest of my workday, we had a potluck in Coen's classroom.  As people were arriving I had this conversation with my friend:
Melissa: Alie, do you think we should get more seats?
Me: Yes, let's just eat right now!  If we wait for everyone else to get here, it'll be seven o' clock by the time we do! Let's eat!!

So after that I had my hula hoop class and I came home joyful as I do from that class. My house was quiet and Tad was upstairs with Coen. I could hear him reading.  So I went in the living room and started hooping while I turned on the TV.  Tad has programmed our TV to go straight to the NFL channel when it comes on.  OBNOXIOUS!  Anyway, he came down and found me there, hula hooping and watching some old Packers game.  He shook his head and laughed.

"Want to see the dresses I got yesterday?" I asked him?

He did. So I tried on my dress for the 40 under 40 dinner and swished around the room with it on.  Then as I left, I walked into the wall.  We laughed and then I tried on another dress I got yesterday, a red and white polka-dot sundress which I am very excited to wear when it's warm.  I spun around the playroom, where Tad was looking through his closet.  I showed him all angles, hands on my hips and sashaying about. Then when I turned to go, accidentally stepped into a box of plastic toys. It flipped up, catapulting My Little Ponies at my legs and I fell down in a heap on the floor.  Tad and I both laughed again.

"You are lovely and insane." He said.

I'll take it.

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