Friday, February 1, 2013

I don't care if Monday's blue, Tuesday's Grey and Wednesday too. Thursday I don't care about you; It's FRIDAY

This morning Tad and I hit the snooze button twice. 

Well. I didn't really do anything. I just gladly snuggled back into Tad when HE hit the snooze button.


We got up and showered and I turned up the heat and flicked all the lights on around the house.  It was about a half hour later than we usually wake the kids and Coen yelled down,
"What are you guys doing down there?"

I went upstairs and ruffled Coen's hair. "Good morning buddy."
He smiled a sleepy smile and sat in front of his space heater, with his clothing for the day on his lap.

I went in Lucy's room.
"I want Daddy." She said from under her blankets.
"You do?" I said.
"Yes. I want Daddy." was her muffled response.
"Well, Daddy's still getting out of the shower. But I am here..."
She peeked her head out of her covers. 
"Daddy likes it when I do this..."  And she pulled her whole body under the blankets and started rolling off the edge of the bed.
I knelt down by her
"And you have to catch me." She said.
"Okay" I said, putting out my arms. "I'll catch you."
"Not like THAT. You have to catch me and then pretend you're sleeping." She faked a snore. 
"For a long time."
"I have to catch you and pretend I'm sleeping?"
"For a LONG time."
"I'll go get Daddy."

Ah but It's Friday morning. And this week has lasted a LONG time.  I am so thankful for the weekend.

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