Monday, February 11, 2013

Spanning out.

Saturday I wrote about this Maurice Sendak interview I read. 

I have just a little more to say. 

I think we're all a little more the same than we think we are.

In the interview, he was asked if he was concerned about how different children are now than they were during his own childhood.

And he said "There are rich kids. There are poor kids. That's the only difference. Some kids get more than others."

I know some of us live in small houses and still some of us have several large mansions all over the world.

But if you spanned out on the camera to a full view of our Earth, that tiny trailer in the trailer park, that small patch of land that is your own, and that set of three large mansions in three different places, wouldn't look all that much bigger than the other.  If you spanned out.

Coen's been watching a lot of space documentaries.  And that's what it made me think about.  We have all this polarization about country and religion and region and political parties.  But we're all on the same planet.

Don't we all just go home to our places and get into cozy clothing and settle in for the night?  Don't we all need food and water and shelter and love?  Don't we all just want a patch of time for peace and quiet, a book to read, a painting to create, a little music to listen to?

Aren't we all born into this world in harshness, light and sudden unmuffled noise?  And don't we all leave this world by taking our last breath and emptying our bodies of our souls and spirits?

I don't know.  Between this interview and the space documentaries and this conversation I had with friends yesterday out for lunch...  I'm just thinking... If we all just focused on ourselves.  If we look inward and realize that all we can control is what we do and how we react and what we think...  If we realized how much better it feels to just breathe in and out and BE than it does to be moving around and trying to get more more more all the time....  That land and money and politics wouldn't be so important.

And as far as these ever-changing children, however much STUFF they get, doesn't really matter.  What matters is the energy, light, LOVE, and space they get.  To express themselves. To grow on the outside.  To grow on the inside.  To spread out and tumble around and  BE WHO THEY ARE.

I know this post is sort of a ramble.  Being inspired by a writer, friends and science all at once is weird!  I appreciate that my parents encouraged me to be who I was.  My dad used to call me his "strange and wonderful child" and I loved that. Always.  My kids are strange and wonderful.  So are yours.  So are you, as a matter of fact.  I think that's what all we need to know.

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