Friday, February 15, 2013


It's a funny thing--Valentine's day.  Yesterday, I was at the Public Market with my parents and my kids and my sister and her kids.  I saw a line, like fifteen men long, at the flower shop and it just struck me as hilarious that all these dudes were just waiting in line to buy flowers because they're supposed to buy flowers on February 14th.  It seemed suddenly silly.  I laughed out loud at them, but most of them either ignored me or looked at me blankly.

My sister  was saying that the other night she was doing the dishes and heard a conversation between her husband and son.
Sean: Dad?  Is Valentine's Day tomorrow?
Leo: Um...noo...I don't think so.
Sean: Are you sure?  I thought it was tomorrow.
Leo: No.. I don't think it is.
Beth: Um, Leo? Tomorrow IS Valentines Day.

And my dad said that my mom had scolded him for his ignorance as well as he said, "Sweetheart, is Valentines Day February 12th or 13th?"

It's a funny thing too because, while I don't subscribe to celebrating a holiday such as Valentine's Day, as romantic as I am, because I would rather my romance come at unexpected moments, instead of on a day that everyone is doing it.

But it's February and my introvert husband is in hibernation mode.  He is retreating within himself to recharge and gather his internal energy before spring.  It's an expected time in our house.  It's part of the ebb and flow of our relationship.   But I am all flow and no ebb and it's a hard time for me because I WANT his energy.  But it's just not available.  So we were lying in bed last night after having talked about how it's okay for me to be annoyed with him for not having energy for me and it's okay for him to not have energy for me. So even though I don't do Valentine's, I couldn't help but see all the roses and cards and chocolates people posted on their Facebook pages.  I hmph'd.  "I want a box of chocolates!"  I had said.  "Stupid Valentine's Day!"

Tad held me closer.  "Do you want me to go on Facebook and tell everyone I bought you a diamond encrusted suitcase for Valentine's?"

Very funny.

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