Thursday, April 11, 2013

Good morning, good MORNING!

I say I'm a morning person, but I think my husband would heartily disagree.  And this week, I tell you, even I don't feel entitled to say such a thing.

I think I'm still on west coast time.  While Tad's been waking up before the alarm, I've been sleeping right on through it.  He keeps having to wake me and then he sits next to me, as I sit up, bleary-eyed and dazed, and he laughs! 

So yesterday morning, Coen yelled down, "DADDY!?"
Tad went up there and then suddenly he was coming downstairs with both kids, all their blankets and piles of clothing and they all cozied up on the couch.  Confused, I stumbled into the kitchen to find it was 5:55, a whole FIVE minutes before we really had to get up.  I stood there and looked at them.  Then said accusingly, "What is this?"
Tad laughed.
Lucy said, "The FUNDER woke us up!  It's FUNDERstorming."
So then there they were all cuddled on the couch, watching the storm out the window.  There was no room for me. I pouted.
"Why don't you shower first?" Tad suggested.
"Fine." I said and went to do so.

After we were all seated at the breakfast table, after Lucy complained that she didn't ask for milk in her cereal and why did I put milk in her cereal... I explained that I was just crabby because it was early and I was so confused and tired and I wanted to cuddle on the couch too.

"I'm just so TIRED!" I whined.
"Morning person, huh?" Tad said with a smile.
I scowled.

Tad leaned over and touched my arm. And said sweetly, "Do want me to blog about this?"
Good morning, good morning to YOU!

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