Friday, April 12, 2013

Songs to walk around singing obnoxiously when it won't stop raining

1. Raindrops keep falling on my head (country song by BJ Thomas)

Tad feels that this may be the most obnoxious but that could be because I was walking around singing it right to him on our date last night.  I think this is a good number to sing as you walk in to work. All the way to your cubicle.  People really dig that.

2. Singing in the rain (sung by Gene Kelly in the movie of the same name)

Now this one's really fun (and obnoxious if that's what you're going for--which I am--) to sing WHILE you are out in the rain, especially with people who are not enjoying being out in the rain.  Especially if you do a little dancing.  And you close your umbrella for effect.

3. I'm only happy when it rains  (by Garbage)

My favorite use of this song is to start singing it in a really dramatic voice WHILST someone else is complaining about how much they wish it would stop raining.  Like an interruption.
Someone you know: God, I just wish it would stop rai--
You: (in a growly singing voice) I'm only happy when it RAINS! I'm only happy when it's complicated.
Yeah, that's super obnoxious.

4. Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain (The Cascades)

I enjoy singing this one around children.  In the hallways of your child's school, for example. Now if you don't have children or your children are to young for or already out of school, it wouldn't do to go around singing this song in the hallways of some random school . That might alarm people. But if you have a local school at your disposal (where you belong of course) this is a good one to sing around children. They will ask you what you are singing. They also might ask you to stop it. You never know.

AND finally (this was a suggestion by a friend of mine who I just KNEW would come through with a good one.  Thanks Erik.)

5. Sunshine Day (The Brady Bunch)

Now, this one is pretty self-explanatorily obnoxious.  First of all, it's the Brady Bunch. Secondly, it is claiming that it's a Sunshine Day and that everybody seems so happy today. This will be fun because it totally isn't a sunshine day and nobody seems all that happy about it. 

So there you go.  I find it cheers me up to be obnoxious. Go figure.  Maybe it will cheer you up too! 
Because...raindrops keep falling on my head...but that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turning red--crying's not for me, 'cause I'm never gonna stop the rain by complainin'!

Happy Friday!

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