Monday, April 29, 2013

Bird family

Yesterday when we were driving, Coen and Lucy were watching the birds on the telephone wires and talking about how nice it would be if they could fly.

Lucy: Let's pretend we're birds.

Coen: It would be fun if we could really fly.

Lucy: Yeah.

Coen: What if we were a family of birds?

Lucy: Yeah! And then we could fly whenever we wanted to!

Coen: And I could fly with you

Lucy: We could hold hands when we flew

Coen: And if you didn't know how to fly yet, I could teach you.

Lucy: Or if I was a baby, you could carry me while you flied.

Coen: And then we could, our whole family, fly on vacation. 
We could fly to Portland. We could fly to the Kalahari. And we could fly to Arizona.

Lucy: We could fly to Portland whenever we WANTED!

Coen: And we could fly to visit August and August's family would be a bird family too.

Lucy: And you could help baby Alex learn to fly

Coen: And then we'd fly everywhere and fly on vacation any time we wanted.

Lucy: Yeah.

Coen: It would be cool if we could fly.

Tad and I just smiled at each other as he drove down the highway.  And I thought oh my darlings, you can a way.

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