Friday, April 26, 2013

Take me out to the ballgame

So Coen's in Little League.  If you don't know, it's a pretty big deal. Practice three days a week.  Games 2-3 days a week.  It's IN-VOLVED.

Coen's on a team and everyone else seems to know each other.  But he had his first practice yesterday and after he hit his first ball and it flew way out into the outfield, all the boys said "WHOAH!!!" And I think he'll make friends just fine.

So on the way to his practice tonight, he brought up protective cups.  He doesn't have one, but a good friend of his does and it has been a debate.
"There's this kid on my team." Coen said. "I'm just so glad he's on my team. He has such a sweet throw that if it hit you in the generals, it would REALLY hurt." 
*Let me put in here that everyone in my house refers to genitals as generals because of a one-time misspeak on Tad's part that we all thought was funny.
Coen went on. "Yeah, man. If it hit you in the generals.  You'd be just clutching it.  In CIRCLES!"
"Yeah." Tad said. "We'd all say 'why is that kid clutching his generals in circles?'"

We got to practice only to find out five minutes in that we were at the wrong field. The email said one thing but the schedule said another. I started getting stressed out about Coen being late, already being the odd kid out on the team.  But we arrived and apparently due to the confusion, they hadn't gotten started until late. 

But I remained apprehensive, watching the coaches yell out orders to the kids.  Tad pointed out that I am all about the way energy feels.  "And that's a great thing." he said.  "But sometimes it's more about things being done properly than the energy."
"Yeah." I said, "I don't really care if it gets done properly. As long as the energy's good."

Coen played out in the field until it was his turn to be on deck.  One he was up to bat, he hit a few line drives.  Then he hit the ball and it fouled off the catcher, who fell down clutching his knee and crying.  While the catcher's dad was giving him comfort and helping him back into the gear he'd shed, it was clear Coen was upset and the coach had taken him to the side to talk.  I could see Coen wipe his face, and realized he was crying.  Tad went over.  Took him by the shoulders.  Talked to him. And then Coen was back up at bat and did very well.

Tad returned and I asked him what happened.  It turned out he was upset that the boy had been hurt.  He felt bad for him and was worried about getting pegged himself.  My sensitive child.
"I gave him a real meaningful talk." Tad said, smirking.
"What did you say?" I said.
"Go back there and hit the ball."  He replied, smiling at me.  "That's the good thing about having testosterone. I can just tell him that and he's fine with it."
I laughed. "Yeah I would have taken him off to the side and put him in my lap and said, let's just get out ALL our feelings."

On the way home, talk turned back to the cup. 
Lucy: What is a cup anyway?
Coen: Well a cup is something that you put over...let's just say...if you're a boy you put it over your generals.  And if a girl....  (here he paused)
Me: Girls have generals too.  Every one's got generals.  They're all generals!  (Tad started laughing)
Lucy: What if you just took a cup you drink out of and put it over it!!!  (Coen laughed)
Lucy: Yeah..and then if you were thirsty, you'd just take it out of your pants and get a drink!

Tomorrow is Coen's very first Little League game.  I can't wait to see how it goes.

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