Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Right here Right Now.

Last night, Tad and I watched The 80s: The Decade that Made Us on the National Geographic channel.  It was really fun to watch.  The whole show was about how without the events of the 80s we wouldn't have iphones and Apple laptops.  We wouldn't have cell phones and the Internet.  Hip hop music wouldn't be the international sensation it is today. (Thanks Run DMC....)  Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream and Tony Hawk skateboards paved the way for the commercial success of products we buy and use today....

Once we were in bed, Tad said, "Maybe Jesus Jones was inspired by watching one of those decade shows, huh?"
"Maybe..." I said.  And then I started singing.

Right here, right now
There is no other place I'd rather beeeeee!

I sang it in dramatic fashion, trying to dance lying down and Tad tried to cover my mouth when I did the high pitched "be".
But he missed me.

"Hey!" I said, "Were you trying to cover my mouth?"
He laughed. "Yeah, but I anticipated you putting your head up on the 'be'".  He demonstrated.
I giggled. "You can't stop me!" And I started singing again.
Tad held me tighter and said. "I really love you.  I really do."

At that moment, there was no other place I'd rather be.  And you know, I wouldn't be where I am today without my own 80s either.  Without the impact the recession had on my family, without the alcoholism in my life, without the liberal activism of my parents, without playing Pac Man and Super Mario Brothers, listening to Kool Moe Dee and Madonna and REO Speedwagon.  Because of all that, I am who I am.  I met Tad. I joined the Peace Corps.  And I came back to do the job I'm doing now. 

Jesus Jones wrote that song at the end of the 80s.  At the fall of the Berlin Wall.  Right when I started high school.  I hope my kids can be part of a generation that comes of age at a markedly different time than what we have now.  I think they can. I look at the children I know, raised by the children and young adults of the 80s.  I hope they can look back on their own years and see a revolution of peace and reconnection.  A breaking point after all the violence and anger and hatred and division....when things started to get better.

My sister and me, circa 1983

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