Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A month of Sundays or a month of FUNDAYS!?

So we have a busy few weeks upcoming and Tad and I have been having a recent debate about our calendar, which looks like this:

(Conversation between Tad and me standing in the kitchen looking at the calendar over coffee)
Tad: I don't know if you've noticed but the calendar is looking pretty full.
Me: What?! It's not that bad!
Tad: I just am noticing that we have very few unscheduled days.  Before school starts. That's all.
Me: Well, really though if you break it down it's like Monday we have dinner guests, Tuesday I have hula hoop class--HULA hoop class. You don't have to go to that.  Wednesday is Washington Park-We do that EVERY week, it barely needs mentioning.  Thursday--
Tad: Let me stop you there. You don't have to break it down.  It's just that there's a lot of stuff on the calendar.
Me: Yeah, but--
Tad: I just want you to admit that it's a lot of stuff...
 Me: Well I'm just trying to break it down to make it less daunting.  The days are basically all free time as far as the eye can see!

(Two days later.  Conversation between Tad and me on the phone--me at work and he at home)
Tad: So I'm just standing here looking at the calendar and I thought I should mention again how full it is.
Me: I know but I'm telling you, if you take it day by day, it's not all that daunting.  And some days are like..YOU have a Brewer game with friends or WE have a date night.  Or just I have to work late. Those don't really count.
Tad: They do count.  I am telling you. I see this calendar and there are only two days with nothing on them.
Me: Well, really three days.
Tad: What?
Me: Well look at Monday the 19th. That WAS something but I crossed it off.  So three days.  And if you don't count--
Tad: Oh I'm counting everything.
Me: Well, do you want something cancelled?
Tad: No. That's not what I'm saying at all.  I just want you to admit that it is a really busy month.
Me: Oh.  Okay. I admit it. It's a busy month.  But still--
Tad: No, no! Thanks very much for your admission.
Me. It was lovely doing business with you.
Tad: Yeah. A real pleasure.

 It's hard to say who's making more sense here. 

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