Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Why aren't you answering?

My sister and I have a mutual stalker relationship via text and cell phone. 

When I call my sister and she doesn't answer, I hang up and then call back again to leave a message, hoping that this time she'll answer.

When my sister calls me and I don't answer, she invariably texts me to say "Why aren't you answering your phone?" 

It really gets good when I call her and she doesn't answer, and then WHILE I call her back to leave a message, she calls me, only to get my voicemail because I'm busy leaving her a message. And her voicemail to me and mine to her are both like "I saw that you just called. Where are you? Call me!"

Sometimes even, if it takes awhile to get ahold of each other, we call our mom and ask if she's heard from the other sister in a while.


It's pretty obnoxious, but since it's mutual, I think it's just fine. Don't you?  Totally not insane at all.

Anyway, this screen shot of our text messages last night is good evidence.

I texted her to say hello and then she asked me if I was available to talk. So instead of texting her back to say that I was indeed available, I called her. But then she didn't answer. So I left her a voicemail. And when she still didn't call back, I texted her again. Twice.  It turns out she was ready to call me but ran into a friend so was delayed.  Anyway, here it is. Enjoy.

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