Monday, August 5, 2013

Daddy does it better

I'm usually pretty popular with my kids.  I'm a bit lax-er on the rules than Tad.  I try to make mundane tasks into games. I'm really loud and obnoxious. 

But this summer Tad's been home with the kids and I've been working really hard.  At bedtime I've been less apt to play and more apt to be like..."Just COME ON and brush your TEETH!"  Many mornings I've left for work before they've even woken up.  These days when I do get a chance to kiss Lucy goodbye in the morning, she says, "So will be back after my bedtime?"

 Tad's been connecting really wonderfully with Coen and Lucy and of course has been their go-to parent lately.

Some evidence:
The other night as I settled in to read to Coen he looked over at me and said, "I'm not trying to make you feel bad, but I'm kind of in a Daddy mood tonight."

Yesterday Coen and Lucy were yelling at each other for being on one another's "side" of the couch.  Tad got frustrated with the children for fighting during their TV time and shut it down, asking both children to get off the couch.  After it was sorted out and we'd talked, I let Coen choose his show and told them they could watch. 
Me: Lucy, you can come back now.  Coen is watching his show. We just ask that you let him watch his show and let him be.
Lucy: No. Daddy said I have to stay off the couch.
Me: No, he just wanted you to get off the couch while we talked to you. Now you may go back to the couch.
Lucy: Well Daddy said.
Me: Well, honey, I am your mommy and I said that you can go back on the couch.
Lucy: Daddy said I can't. So I'm not.
Me: *sigh*
I had to go get Tad to clear it up because apparently my word was not enough!

The other day at the Urban Ecology Center, Tad took Lucy on a kayak ride and I offered to take Coen out after they returned. 
Coen looked out at them in the pond and then said to me, "I think it might be better if Daddy takes me in the boat because he's a little more calm and good at boat paddling."
(He did, in the end, concede to let me take him)

And finally.
Last night Lucy was "thinking about things she didn't want to think about" and asked if I would rub her back.  I did so and then as I got up to leave the room, she said, "Daddy does it better and he does it for a longer time."

Well, lah-ti-dah!

Telling me how it's done.

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