Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hurricanes, skipping stones and seagulls

Today we had a winter beach excursion. 
Last weekend, as we drove past Bradford Beach and saw all the frozen piles of snow and ice at the shore, Coen declared that he wanted to go down there and pretend we were in the middle of a frozen hurricane.  So we promised we would do so and do so we did, this morning. 
The snow and ice had melted away in the sixty degree weather of last week, but Coen and Lucy, clad in snow pants and boots anyway, did not care. 
Coen climbed rocks, skipped stones and watched the waves with his daddy. 
Lucy and I ran down the beach, yelling to the seagulls, who flew away nervously and wrote letters and drew pictures in the sand.
 It was funny to two boys were content to stay relatively in one spot, spending most of their time introspective and wave watching.
The two of us girls, really never stopped moving: running around, playing in the sand, and screaming at seagulls. 

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