Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A better kind of battle

 In a strange twist of irony, Coen and Lucy have spent two peaceful, fight-free afternoons playing battle with their toys in the playroom.  Here Coen has set up all their figures and toys, robots and dinosaurs in a battle of good against evil.  "Nice against Bullies" Lucy calls it.  Lucy's little people and Lalaloopsy dolls are on the sidelines cheering for Nice. 

Coen summoned me to come and see the battle.  He explained that there are more good guys than bad "just like the world".  I'm so glad to know that his world has more good guys than bad. I hope it stays that way forever. 
Also, apparently even though there are swords and light sabers in this battle, Coen has assured his pacifist parents that mostly they are attacking each other with "weird kinds of foods and jokes that make the bad guys laugh so hard they can't even battle." Also, see the four guys in the astronaut suits?  That's Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr.  "They don't really like wars", Coen tells me, "Only peace."  They are hiding in those astronaut suits and singing songs to confuse the bad guys.  Also, the astronaut on the dragonfly?  That's John "He REALLY doesn't like war, more than the other Beatles don't and he's flying above the battle and singing to the good guys.  Also, he's dropping instruments on the bad guys." 

It has been a nice couple of days in the Kriofske Mainella household.  Though hundreds of little plastic insects, people, the cast of Star Wars and other creatures are at battle, our children are living in harmony.  I hope this lasts.

If anyone is mean to you today, let us know. We'll dress up like astronauts and come and sing weird songs until they don't know WHAT'S going on.

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