Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I'm not a flake!

When my head gets cluttered, I make mistakes. That's all that it is.  Really!

I was supposed to recruit a teen or two to attend an upcoming conference with me in March--The Wisconsin Teen Dating Violence Summit--fun, huh?  But all I could find were boys.  Which is cool, except that the conference requires that all teens are chaperoned and I may be a dedicated youth leadership specialist, but I am not sleeping in the same room with the boys I serve.  Nuh uh.  So, finally I found a teen and both his parents want to go with him.  Yay me!  But then I looked at our budget for the grant under which this event falls and we have no more money left for travel and conferencing.  Crap.  So, I had to email our funder to ask her for more money for this family to go...

This funder already gives a lot of money for my program.  And the person who used to be in charge of it here is a WAY different personality than me. And our funder LOVED her.  I'm not sure that she loves me so much.  Where the other program manager was serious and stoic, I am silly and bubbly.  Where she was calm, cool and focused, I am excited, energetic and sort of scattered.  You see?  None of these are bad qualities--just different.  SO--I had to email our funder--and ask for more money.  Eeek!  She said we could move some line items around, but that we should hurry up and register because the conference was filling up. 

So I said, I'd get them registered but that I was already registered. I registered in December.

She wrote me back.  Apparently I am not registered.  My name is not in their system at all. Perhaps I should check into this and get registered because as she said, it's filling up.

I opened the file where I keep all my conference stuff and lo and behold.  My registration and signed pre-approval and check request. Never. Sent. CRAP!!!

I went to my boss who was gracious and understanding and took me to get the agency credit card.

I went to register online and a big screen popped up which said "Registration Full"  ARGH!!!   So I called our funder and left a really frantic message about how its full and hopefully she can fit me in and my teen and family already did register which is great but I want to be there with them.  Perhaps they could fit me in? And on and one I went.

Then I hung up and looked at my computer. 
I was trying to register for 2010. 

So, I registered online successfully and then sheepishly called back to say that she could disregard my email and my voicemail and that I was all set.  And registered.

Now I'm waiting for her response.  Part of me thinks it would be really funny to call again and leave a message, asking why she's not calling me back and if she's mad at me. 
Wouldn't that be hilarious?
Prolly not.

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