Thursday, February 23, 2012

The semantics in our house

In our house, it is all about semantics.  Tad and I both being former English majors and writers, we often find that in the middle of some typical marital argument about laundry or who's picking up the kids or bill paying, we are suddenly discussing the phrase word that really should have been used in this situation or that.  Or getting really involved in a discussion about what I meant to say vs what I said vs what you heard me say.  Which often makes us both laugh in the middle of even the tensest of quarrels.

Aside from proper semantics arguments, Tad and I (and now of course our children) have a propensity for making up words and phrases which we think better suit the words or phrases we are making them up to replace. 

I have mentioned before that I take a Zumba class, which I love and which Tad refers to as Jazzbo.  Yesterday I had this conversation with Coen.

Me: I'm going to be home late tonight, honey but I should still be able to tuck you in when I get home from Zumba.
Coen: What's that thing you do on Wednesday nights that makes you come home late?
Me: Zumba
Coen: No, the other thing.
Me: Well, I take Zumba on Wednesday nights. Also my Abs class.  Absoglutely (I am serious--this is what it's acutally called.)
Coen: Abso-GLUT-ley?
Me: Yes, that and Zumba.
Coen: No, but what's that other class you take.
Me: (thinking) Um....Just Zumba honey.
Tad: (Peeks around the corner, toothbrush in his hand) Jazzbo?
Coen: Yeah! Jazzbo!

Lucy often argues semantics with me too.  She's drawing a picture on the chalkboard.  "Mommy! Look at what I'm drawing!"
Me: Look at that!
Lucy: Don't say 'Look at that!'!  I don't like it when you say that!
Me: Well, why not?
Lucy: When you say 'Look at that' it seems like you are not listening.
Me: Okay. Let's try again. Start over.
Lucy: Look at what I'm drawing.
Me: Oooh that's a beautiful picture of a person. I like it. (pause) Is that better?
Lucy: Yes. Can we practice it again?  Look at what I'm drawing!
This could go on and oh does it ever, but I'll spare you.

One more example between Tad and Coen and I and I think it will be sufficient evidence to the original statement I made in the beginning of this blog post which is that in our house, it is all about semantics.

Tad: (to me) Let's watch a documentary tonight.
Me: Yeah, let's watch the Who one.
Tad: Yeah, but we'll have to watch like half of it; its long.
Coen: Who?  Who are you going to watch?
Tad: Exactly
Coen: Who?
Tad: Exactly. The Who.
Coen: The Who you're going to watch?
Tad: Yep a documentary on the band, the Who.
Coen: And its called "Half of the Who?"

You have to love it.  Who?  Well, I have to love it anyway.

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