Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A very large 48 hours.

 So, it's been a very large 48 hour period for me.  If you know me at all, you know I have no trouble with being in any sort of spotlighted position and that's what this past two days has been about.  I feel a little weird sharing this with you all but I'm going to anyway because I've been asked to blog about it and I blog about everything else, don't I?

So Sunday IndependenceFirst had its Stride and Glide which is our annual 5K etc.. fundraiser. I was in charge of coordinating the kids activities so after bribing a very cranky Coen and Lucy with some Cranky Al's doughnuts, we got ourselves to the Zoo at 7:00 in the early morning hours.  My parents met me there to help out with the kiddos and Tad's whole family came too.  Lucy and I got our faces painted like butterflies and while Coen went to see the primates with his grandparents, Lucy got to try out zumba with the other set of grandparents.  Watching my dad zumba might be one of the highlights of my exercising life.

After a brief intermission of activities (during which Coen went to baseball practice with Tad) my family headed over to the Bradley Center for the Admirals game.  The giveaway item was the coloring book that my girls groups were part of creating thanks to a graphic design intern at IndependenceFirst a couple summers ago.  I was thrilled to advertise it by getting interviewed on the Jumbotron.  And I even washed the butterfly off my face before I went!  One must retain some semblance of adulthood, you know.  However, being on the jumbotron is a big thrill for me, (the bigger the spotlight...) so this was positively MAGICAL.
Then last night was the 40 under 40 dinner.  If you didn't know this already, I was nominated by one of my coworkers for the Business Journal's 40 under 40 and I was, much to my extreme excitement and surprise, chosen!  So last night a group of my coworkers, and my parents, and Tad went to the celebration and had a lovely dinner.  When it was my turn to go up on stage to receive my award, I thought I shouldn't dawdle...not wanting to keep people waiting.  Once I got up on stage the award presenter whispered to me "Wow, you got up here fast!" as my introduction was being read, "She's called a energizer bunny, a tornado...." He smiled at me, clearly amused. "Indeed." he said. 

One highlight of last night was that my therapist was there.  She found me and gave me a hug and told me how hard it is to not say, "I KNOW her!" because of course she can't tell people HOW she knows me.  Not that I would mind as I tend to blog about all things in my life and mind and don't really have any secrets, but STILL!  What was most wonderful about that is that I have been working hard on myself personally and I've also been working hard professionally and last night's award was really special to me and my therapist telling me she's proud and being able to see where I came from and where I am now in that way was pretty cool.

Anyway, enough of this self-promotion.  I shall return to my normally scheduled programming now.  But I did want to share.  And thank you. For reading. Or being present with me. Or being my friend. Or just generally being around, someone in my life, who makes it better.  By doing so. That is all.

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  1. Wow! I know and love her. What a treat to vicariously share in your long overdo praises. I would have loved being there and watching your goofy Dad beam and your Mom burst with pride. Go Alie! Unca Kris.