Saturday, March 30, 2013


We leave today for a family spring vacation.  Our last vacation was in July--our road trip to Floyd Fest.  That was our FIRST vacation just the four of us. 

We are all packed.  Carry-on bags only.  A suitcase per kid and one for Tad and I to share.  Tad and I each have one backpack and we'll tote the booster seats.  Not bad, really.  My bag is filled with coloring materials, coloring books, kids books, pipe cleaners and other craft supplies.  I remember when my travel bag used to simply have a book and magazine for me. 

We fly out of Chicago so we'll drive there, eating lunch on the way--Coen and Lucy are very excited about the prospect of LUNCHABLES. 

We are going to Portland, Oregon to see my very dear friend Jen and her husband and children--one of whom we have not yet met as he was just born this month!  And as it turns out, I have two other friends in Portland, so this trip is very exciting for me!

What is funny, to me, is the trip preparations.  Tad is concerned about whether or not to bring the baseball gloves in case Coen gets bored, or winter coats (which I very much protested to)
My prep, however, involves mostly the running out of food in our house.  Coen wanted cereal yesterday and as he went into the kitchen, I yelled after him, "Only if there's an open box! You can't open a new one!!!"  I have had it down to a science, planning and shopping around it for the last two weeks.  And I feel quite successful, if not a little weird.   We have nearly empty cupboards except for the stuff that's always in there--grains and olive oil and extra peanut butter.  And the fridge is empty save the Lunchables which will be coming with us, one grapefruit and two yogurts which I require Tad and I to eat for breakfast. 

So it is with a happily emptied refrigerator, and packed bags that we embark on family vacation number two. I shall let you know how it went when we return.

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