Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Can I drum in bed?

Coen was in bed and called me to come upstairs. 
"I have a quest." he said (short for question).
As I got to the landing, he stepped aside and pointed into Lucy's room.
"Don't worry. She hasn't been doing that for long." he said.
I looked at Lucy who was furiously drumming on her pillow, thrashing her head from side to side, making a tried and true rock and roll face.

Earlier, before actual bedtime Coen was drumming on his tummy and then on the stool in Lucy's room.
"Can I drum in my room?" he had asked as I escorted him back to his room.
"Well, it's really reading time but if you're going to drum, drum on something soft like your bed."
"Can I drum in MY room?" Came Lucy's call?
So I had given them both permission to drum as long as they drummed on their beds. Why my children wanted to drum during their reading time was their business.
So back to Lucy, drumming on her bed...

"Lucy." I said, amused.  "It's time for bed."
"I'm IN bed" was the reply.  "But I need another book."
She jumped from her drumming perch and started leafing through the books on her bookshelf loudly stating each title.
"Honey, that's too loud." I said.
"Was I too loud?" Lucy yelled, like a game show host, out to an imaginary audience.  Then in a voice an octave higher, "NO! You weren't too loud!"
"Hop back in bed, honey." I said, laughing.
"Okay! Watch this!" She said, hopping onto her bed and then continuing to hop.
"You SAID 'hop back in bed'!" she said, laughing uproariously.

A page from my copy of A Light in the Attic from my childhood.  I felt it was necessary to add to the illustrations.

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