Sunday, March 10, 2013


This morning I let the kids watch a little extra TV because last weekend and yesterday we had to get out of the house early for different events. I was trying to even things out.

But it turned out to be too much TV in the end as they kicked at each other, complaining about not having enough room and who was on who's particular side of the couch.

Waiting for Lucy's friends to arrive for her play date and for it to be time for Coen to leave for baseball, my two children just bickered.  Coen, bored, got in Lucy's face about things until she became upset.  Lucy, annoyed, refused to let Coen watch her clean her room for her play date until his feelings were hurt.  I started getting mad at both of them. 

Tad took me by the shoulders.  "Go outside for a little while.  Go for a walk before we have a house full of girls.  We need an energy shift in the house."

He was right.  I drove to Grebes bakery and bought six frosted cookies.

I came home with a changed attitude and tried to be the scale tipper in the household energy supply.

And it is nice to have a partner who recognizes when I need a break, even when I don't.  And for our kids to have two parents, each who understand one of the two of them a little bit better.  And to have balance.

Work and play
Tad and me
Coen and Lucy
Inside and outside
Exercise and ice cream
Zoning in and zoning out

Trying not to tip too much in any one direction.

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