Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Not so patient patient

Sunday night I said to Tad, "You know? I'm actually looking forward to going to work tomorrow.  I have no appointments.  About a hundred new consumers to file paperwork for and new songs on my ipod."

Monday morning Tad woke me up and said, "You shouldn't have said that you were looking forward to your workday.  Lucy threw up last night."

The bad news was that my little girl was sick and I needed to take a sick day.  The good/interesting news was that I had missed out on all the middle of the night sick action.

Tad was up with Lucy when she threw up twice, changing her bedding...twice.  He was up again after he'd put her to bed in Coen's room and Coen called, wanting to know why she was in there.  He was up again when Coen called, not happy with her in there and afraid she'd throw up in his room.  I slept through this whole thing.   Tad said he wasn't mad but after the third time up, he could not believe I was still sleeping.  To my credit, I did do all the vomit laundry in the morning.

So home with Lucy I was and she is not at all a patient like her brother.  Coen, when he is sick, wants to be cuddled and when I make a sympathetic glance his way, he just cuddles all the closer.

Not Lucy.

When I cast a sympathetic glance in her direction, even laying flat out on the couch, she'd look at me haughtily and say, "WHAT?"
When I reached out to rub her back, she'd stiffen and pull away from me as if to say sympathy? No thanks!

My favorite part of Lucy's sick day, however, was when she wanted to watch Dora three times and proceeded to make fun of Dora three times. 

Dora: What do we need to find our way somewhere?  Everyone, say MAP!
Lucy: (dull droning voice) BACKPACK

Dora: Everyone say 'Swiper! No Swiping!'
Lucy: Say it yourself, Dora.

Dora: Do you see a cornfield?
Lucy: I see a BANANA field!

It was great.  I kept her home again today as she stayed on the couch yesterday for 10 straight hours and ate no solid foods.  But she's watching old-style Sesame Street as I type and eating cereal.  So I think we're on the up and up.  She even just let me rub her cheek!

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