Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What might Jesus Say (a guest post)

This is a guest post (The Author wishes to remain Anonymous)

I want to say this as a preface, about marriage.  I married Tad because he is someone with whom I can very happily, comfortably and beautifully spend my life. Because he is a good match for me and he is my friend.  Not because he is a man.  Not at all.  But because I fell in love with Tad...well I don't know because I somehow magically, spinningly, seemingly supernaturally fell in love with him. And I married Tad because we legally could do so and it seemed the most convenient thing to do in order to share our lives and our child and small details like our school loans and our tax returns. That is why. And that is all.

The below is simply fiction, creative writing.  I hope it won't offend those of you who have reverence for or belief in Jesus as a manifestation of God.  It's just something imagined and I like it. So I'm sharing it in honor of the discussions going on about Marriage Equality this week in the Supreme Court.  Enjoy.

What might Jesus say?

  • A mock interview conducted by a leading sociologist/theologian with a hypothetical Jesus Christ

    Jesus, there are many people these days who love each other. many of them are of the same sex. For example, men fall in love with men and live together as lovers. Woman and woman fall in love, live their lives together. What do you say of this?

    I ask if their love is kind, faithful and respectful?

    Let's assume that it is.

    I ask also is it in accordance with the law of the day?

    In America and other countries, yes. In other countries, no.

    May they become wed?

    Only in certain places where the law allows.

    Mmm. Is the love they share violent or disrespectful to others? Is it hateful, spiteful or hurtful to each other?

    No, the love shared between two men or two women is quite the same as the love shared between a man and a woman.

    Yes. I am not aware of laws against love. You say certain countries or states have outlawed love?

    Well, not exactly. Though they have legally prohibited marriage between 2 men or 2 women by declaring marriage to be exclusively for a man and a woman.

    I see. So the leaders of the day have taken an interest in love.

    Yes, very much so. It seems to have quite an impact on the people who vote.

    Of course. The changing seasons of the fickle crowd. I was exposed to that in my time, as well. The crowd is very strong and those in power are often instruments of the crowd's will. Pontius Pilate comes to mind...[small chortle]

    Jesus, what I'd like to find out, is your opinion on love and to whom it applies. Should men be able to love men and women be able to love women?

    Yes, love is all there is. Above it there is none other.

    I agree. But do you think it is wrong for a man to love another man, physically?

    The physical manifestation of love is but an extension of the spiritual and emotional love people have for each other. To express this love is natural, beautiful.

    And what do you think about women expressing love physically with one another.

    Again, this is a natural, earthly extension of the love two people share. As long as the love is shared with respect and gentleness, all love is good.

    I am a little surprised.

    Why, my son?

    It sounds to me that you believe that love is love. And it does not matter if both people are male or female.

    Of course it matters not, as long as love be patient, kind and in peace. And between two willing adults.

    Right. Wow. I guess my last question is, how should we approach people who believe love is wrong between two men or two women.

    They should merely follow the examples of those who love best. Nothing has changed since my times. Love is the answer. The law of the day is man's law and man is fallible. But the law of love is eternal.

    Thank you for talking to me.

    You are most welcome.

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