Monday, May 6, 2013

Exercising with three family members in the room is not easy

Yesterday morning everyone was, in a strange and rare moment, happily occupied, requiring none of my attention.  Tad was playing Strat-o-matic baseball at the dining room table.  Coen was playing with Legos and Lucy was coloring.  I looked around and thought well, if nobody needs me, I think I'll exercise.

I brought my yoga mat and laptop to the floor and then Tad said, "What are you doing?"
"What?" I said (kind of defensively) "I'm going to do some yoga."
Tad got up and switched the TV on. "Why don't you do it on the TV so you can see it better?"
"Because you guys are listening to music."
"Not anymore." Tad said and put YouTube on the television.
"Oh." I said. "Okay!"

So turned on a 35 minute yoga workout video.  Tad glanced at the screen to see three muscular women in shorts and sports bras.  Then he looked at me.  As a workout was kind of an afterthought, I was wearing jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt. "Shouldn't you be wearing less clothes?" He asked me.

I started the workout and then Tad started laughing at the militancy of the lead woman.  "Wow." he said. "Is she going to start jabbing them in the ribs?"  I started laughing which made me lose my balance in the sun salutation I was doing.  "Stop it!"

Then Lucy, taking notice, joined me on my yoga mat, making strange squeaky noises which I interpreted to mean look at me!  "Good job, Lucy!" I said encouragingly.  She covered her face, ever uninterested in complimentary talk.  "Sorry, jeez!"  I said.

Then Coen started in.  "Mommy, why aren't you doing the advanced poses?  Aren't you advanced? When will you get advanced?"
"Yeah, Alie." Tad said laughing, "Why aren't you gettin' advanced?"
"Stop it you guys!" I said. "I can't balance when I'm laughing!"

Then, as I was in downward facing dog, my left leg in the air, Lucy wrapped her arms around my right leg, planted on the ground.  When I put my left leg down again, she struggled out of in between my legs, knocking me and herself back down on the mat. 

I turned my attention back to the woman on the TV.  "Leg up!" She was saying, "Now stick it!"
"STICK IT?!!!" Lucy said.  "Stick WHAT? I don't want to stick it!"
I was laughing again.  And sweating.
"Lucy." I said.  "Do you want to go get my tank top?"
"Your WHAT top?"
"Go in my room and get the green and white shirt that's on my chest?"
"Your CHEST?" She said climbing on to my back and tapping my actual bodily chest with her fingers.
I laughed again.  "In my room!" 
She went in there but didn't find it, so I ran in myself and changed quickly and went back to my video. 
Tad glanced up at me. "That's better."

I managed to finish it. It was a hard workout, made harder (and more entertaining) by all three of my family members.  After I switched off the TV, both Coen and Lucy looked up and said, "Do another! Do another!"


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